The Business of Counterterrorism


The Business of Counterterrorism focuses on the opportunities and challenges that public-private partnerships (PPPs) face in the post-9/11 world. Although these partnerships are a major topic of discussion and study among businesses and government agencies involved in homeland security efforts, they have received a much less thorough analysis by scholars. The Business of Counterterrorism identifies the essential role that PPPs are now taking in homeland security and explores the implications of this transformative shift in the field. In its discussion, it focuses on five areas in homeland security–critical infrastructure protection, cybersecurity, information sharing, security at U.S. ports of entry, and disaster recovery.

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Praise for The Business of Counterterrorism:

“Nathan Busch and Austen Givens have written a very useful and illuminating book. The Business of Counterterrorism refreshingly bridges the scholarly and practitioner understandings of homeland security in showing the promises and pitfalls of public-private partnerships. Using case studies from the most important homeland security challenges, Busch and Givens blend succinct lessons from the academy with the hard-won lessons of practical experience over the decade-plus since 9/11 to provide something of a roadmap for building successful public-private partnerships for future homeland security preparedness.”

William C. Banks, Board of Advisors Distinguished Professor of Law, Syracuse University College of Law; Professor of Public Administration and International Affairs, SU Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs; and Director, Institute for National Security and Counterterrorism

“America will never reach its highest level of security in this troubled world acting alone. Authors Nathan Busch and Austen Givens offer compelling testimony to the value of public-private partnerships and specific direction as to ‘where’ and ‘how’ this collaboration has the greatest security impact. This is a must-read for Congressional leaders, business executives, and academics who are concerned about the future safety of our nation.”

Hon. Tom Ridge, President and CEO, Ridge Global LLC; former Secretary of Homeland Security; former Governor of Pennsylvania

“Developing and implementing workable and affordable strategies to guard our security here at home requires us to harness the collaborative power of public-private partnerships. Authors Nathan E. Busch and Austen D. Givens skillfully evaluate homeland security challenges and describe outcome-focused opportunities, backed by well-researched case studies and accounts of hard-learned lessons.”

William J. Bratton, CEO of the Bratton Group LLC, former Chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and Commissioner of the New York City and Boston Police Departments; co-author of Collaborate or Perish

“While PPPs are certainly on the forefront of U.S. achievements in the domestic response to the terrorist threat, much writing on them doesn’t present the complete picture.  Unlike its predecessors, The Business of Counterterrorism provides a comprehensive and direct view of the growing importance of PPPs to homeland security.  An outstanding contribution by Busch and Givens.”

General Norton Schwartz, United States Air Force (ret.), President and CEO, Business Executives for National Security (BENS)

“For those of us who were in the trenches in the beginning, I wish we would have had this common sense book to read.”

-From the Foreward, Admiral James M. Loy, Acting Secretary, Department of Homeland Security, 2005; Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security, 2003–2005; Administrator, Transportation Security Administration, 2002–2003; Commandant, United States Coast Guard, 1998–2002